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Bringing home your lost pets

Highly experienced team of professionally certified lost animal technicians located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

We provide on-site assistance by using state of the art technology.

Animal tracking, trapping, day surveillance and night vision as well as aerial droning. (Droning where permitted)

We also provide on-line or telephone communication assistance to provide you with the right steps in finding your lost animal. 

All costs will depend on individual bases and any out of pocket expenses that may incur. (Posters, dog bait) 

Deposit for return trip mileage is set at .61cents per kilometre rate according to google maps required before any travel.   On-site service is subject to availability. 

Animal Tracking

Substantial experience identifying various wildlife tracks vs pet and livestock tracking. Ability to identify different track and stride patterns specific to the lost or injured animal. Reconstruct the animals behavior and speculate direction of travel, shelter and possible food, water sources. Pending daylight conditions, weather and terrain.

Aerial Droning

We provide Aerial droning in accordance with the transport Canada, RPAS. Aerial droning is done during daytime only where permissible and weather permitting. Thermal imaging is not yet optional.


Several humane traps varying in size available for the safest and most considerate trapping for your lost pet. Real-time live feed surveillance, monitoring all set traps. Trap bait provided at owners expense.

Online Assistance

Qualified technician available to provide assistance via Internet call, messenger, and email. Provided as a means of constant communication to assist those that we are unable to assist on site.

Day/Night Surveillance

Real-time video surveillance to monitor all activity. (Day and Night) Ability to monitor nighttime visual, including thermal scope vision up to 700 meters.

Telephone Assistance

Qualified technician available to provide assistance via telephone and text. Provided as a means of constant communication to assist those that we are unable to assist on site.

Mike Chapman

lost animal technician

Lisa Anne

lost animal technician
“I can't even begin to put into words how grateful we are…”
To have this amazing service around our area. The most shocking part of all of this, is this service is non-profit. It is offered to simply relocate missing animals with their families, and bringing back the joy to their lives. Without any doubt, I highly recommended, "Missing Animal Response". Thanks so much, again!❤
Leanne Easson, Aug 7, 2020
“I can’t thank Mike enough.…”
With his help we were able to track our dogs down and he knew exactly what to do. His advice saved my dogs and I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t of showed up. My only regret is not contacting him sooner. Mike your incredible!!
Sadie MacIntyre, Nov 10, 2019
“Mike Chapman was amazing.…”
He was there for me 24/7 while my pug was missing for 2 whole days. His guidance and expertise were super helpful. She was right under our noses the whole time but we were going about it wrong. We definitely needed professional help and that's what we got and it worked! ❤
Guest Ooi , Dec 8, 2019
“Mike worked tirelessly tracking Nova.…”
My grand daughters blue healer that went missing. He also kept us calm and gave us so many pointers on what to do to find her. We are eternally grateful to him.
Mary Crane , Oct 23, 2019

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