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Sweet Darious/Damian was captured by Lisa and I last night. He was on the run for 18+ days, and we started our case 7 days ago. Darious/Damian, was recently rehomed. Last night we had to call the only voice we knew would calm this beautiful dog in our trap, to a point where he was safe to release. That voice had to be someone bonded to the dog. In this case the original owner, and she did a wonderful job. TODAY, Darious / Damian was returned to his new owner and all is well. Our priority is the dogs, cats, horses etc… and what ever it takes fir us, to obtain a safe and organized capture, we will do it!!! No matter how we do it, your dogs and pets come home safe. Ours hearts and souls go into each and every case. Damian is home safe with Tracy, and all is well. We did our very best to save this dog.,and we did!!!! And again, no matter what we have to do to get a pet captured safe, healthy and securely…we will do it! This is our only goal.
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Nova Scotia

Well, gabby Is safe. 16 days on the run, wouldn’t let anyone within 100 yards of her! Tripped my trap twice, and slipped my sight 100 times. (I have some amazing footage of her protecting my trap and…


Nova Scotia

Kierra went missing on the first day in her new home……

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