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Diesel and Boss left their property to start an adventure of their own without letting mom and dad know. Days had passed and no reports of Diesel or Boss. Finally after approximately 7 days people started reporting that they saw 1 of the dogs. Aerial droning was done to scan some of the wooded areas but still no Boss /or Diesel. When a confirmed call came in stating that Diesel was spotted his Dad reported to the location immediately and discovered Diesel standing in the road but his boy did not recognize him. An emergency call was placed to Mike and calming techniques where applied for Dad to be able to approach without Diesel running off into the woods again. After an hour Diesel was finally contained and back with his family…but where is Boss? Knowing his brother was now safe and sound Boss surrendered himself to a caring young lady the following day, Both boys were vet checked and although they lost a few pounds they were both in great shape and doing well. Long naps in their future.
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